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Do you have plans to renovate, make some alterations, or add an addition to your home and you’re not sure whether you need building approval?


We can help! Rapid Building Approvals is a trusted building certification company that specialises in residential projects – saving you time and money. We know how frustrating it can be when you’re trying to get a building approval, and how important time is to a construction project. That’s why we handle everything for you. Our building certifiers will provide you with the building approvals you need to make the renovations, alterations, or additions you have in mind. 


With Rapid you can be sure that it’ll be done right the first time – and a lot faster than with other building certifiers. In fact, the vast majority of our building approvals are delivered within one business day. With our simple process and friendly team of experts, we know how important it is to deliver top-notch customer service all while keeping costs low for our clients. That’s why we offer highly competitive prices and free quotes for every job – ensuring there are no nasty surprises. 


It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to add another floor, convert your garage into another bedroom, or make some minor changes, our award winning private building certifiers can help. And with our low prices and fast turnaround times, there really isn’t a better choice. So what are you waiting for? Get started today by completing the contact form here, or by calling us at 1300 163 814.

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    Ryan and the team at Rapid were super-fast getting my building approval back. I rang them in the morning and was able to start building my shed, the next day. Significantly cheaper than other certifiers in the area also. Highly recommend.

    Joshua Collins

    Super professional and quick. Every time I contacted Ryan, he was available and, his responses were quick and easy to understand. Made the process run smoothly, without any guessing.

    Eleanor Gallagher

    We used Ryan for the building approval for our new patio. He provided great customer service and we had the building approval super quick (next business day!), so we could get started with the build.

    James McPeake

    It's so nice to work with a local company who knows their stuff. Thanks again for the old school customer service Rapid Building Approvals.

    Sarah Quinn

    I made the switch to Rapid Building Approvals and Ryan Bird for our projects, last year. He has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. I have never experienced such prompt approval and have never looked back. I have had great feedback from clients about their services and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs certification or advice. 10/10

    Lysa Thompson

    We engaged Ryan for a patio extension. Very happy with the fast turnaround on the building approval and his extensive knowledge.

    Heidi McPeake

    My father rang 3 companies locally here in Townsville, to enquire about building a granny flat at his property. We have not yet engaged Rapid Building Approvals formally for our project, but Ryan spent over 20 minutes on the phone to my dad, explaining the process, costs and any potential difficulties that may arise. Other companies just asked us to send plans for us to quote and didn't seem very interested. I thought this alone was worth a review, as it's not very often great customer service like this is found.

    Lisa Sutherland

    If you want a one stop certification company with great knowledge and great service, then I recommend Rapid Building Approvals.

    Robert P

    We have used many certifiers over our 15 years in the industry, Ryan and Scott at Rapid Approvals stand out above the rest. They have excellent knowledge, are very reactive to any questions or concerns we might have and are always willing to go the extra mile! Highly recommend to anyone looking for hassle free quick certification, on any residential building project.

    Luke Jager

    Fantastic team to deal with. Extremely knowledgeable and super quick. The name says it all ... Rapid!

    Lisa Sutherland

    Rapid Building Approvals are a great team! Ryan is very knowledgeable and always has the answer. Highly recommend.

    Rachel Hutchinson

    My husband and I are in the design and building industry in Cairns. We highly value Ryan and the teams extensive expertise and most of all, they are reliable. We 100% recommend him and his team!

    Liam Gilligan Builders

    Great service with fast delivery. Highly knowledgeable team and easy to work with!

    Harrison Teo

    Which renovations need a building approval?

    As a general rule of thumb, any renovation that makes a structural change to the building or structure will require a building approval. For instance, if you’re merely repainting your walls, changing the fittings on your cabinets, and otherwise making superficial renovations you won’t need a building approval. However, where heritage and character legislation applies, even these changes may require building approval.


    If you’re knocking down walls, removing or adding supports, building new rooms you’re going to need a building certifier to provide you with the necessary approvals and carry out the necessary inspections. This also applies to conversions, such as taking a garage or shed and converting them into a bedroom, office, granny flat or other living areas.


    Additionally, any demolition work carried out in order to undertake your renovations will require a building approval from a certifier.

    How can Rapid Building Approvals help?

    We are a building certification company that specialises in residential approvals. Our licensed private building certifiers deliver a vast majority of approvals within 24 hours, compared to the week or two it takes with many other certifiers. We are fully qualified to guide and assess your renovation plans and certify that they meet the legal requirements, and do so at highly competitive rates. 


    If you are uncertain about whether or not these requirements apply to your renovation project, it’s best that you reach out to our team for advice. Should they apply, we will happily provide you with a no-obligation quote within one business day.

    The Renovation Building Approval Process

    Firstly, you or your builder will need to speak with one of our building certifiers about your renovation plans. We’ll advise you as to whether or not you will need an approval for your project. If you do, we’ll gladly provide you with advice and a quote for the necessary building approval. Our certifiers will need some information from you, such as plans and the finer details of your renovation. Using this, our certifiers will be able to provide you with the approval you need to begin construction. Where appropriate, our certifiers may need to carry out one or more inspections throughout the construction process. Once construction is finished, a final inspection will be carried out by a member of our team and you will be provided with a final certificate that will be lodged with your local council. This way, any future checks into your property by the government or potential buyers will show that your renovations are legal and certified.

    The Importance of Building Approvals

    Simply put, building approvals exist for your own safety, and for the safety of those who will live in your house after you. The inspections and approvals carried out by qualified certifiers ensure that your build meets all the relevant safety requirements and that there aren’t any cut-corners or other dangers to the public.

    What happens if you don’t get a building approval for your renovations?

    If you have unapproved renovation work on your property that requires a building approval, there are a few major consequences.


    Firstly, should your local council become aware of it, you will be fined and required to destroy it or get retrospective approval. A retrospective approval is often more complicated and expensive than getting it done right the first time, as it can include a partial or total dissembling of your build in order for a private certifier to access and inspect structural elements. 


    Secondly, any accidents that stem from the build won’t be covered by insurance, whether your homeowner’s or owner-builder’s insurance. This lack of coverage also applies to damage done to the unapproved elements of your building or structure. In an extreme case, such as a house fire that destroys everything, you will be left with hundreds of thousands of damages and the need to build a new home. It’s far better to pay a little and do it right the first time than to risk losing it all. 


    Lastly, should you decide to sell the property, you’d be limiting your market. Checking to ensure that all building work on the property is approved by council is part of a standard due diligence check. Most buyers shy away from a property with unapproved work as it means more work for them, especially when they consider the build may not meet the criteria.

    How long is my building permit valid?

    A building approval, also known as a building permit, for renovation work is often only valid for 12 months. Approvals for pools, retaining walls, and demolition work are only valid for 6 months. By this point, if a final certificate has not been issued, the permit will lapse and a new one will need to be sought out. Should the final inspection not have been carried out and the final certificate has not been delivered by this point, our building certifiers can work with you to extend the timeframe.


    If you’ve received a building approval from another certifier that has since lapsed, Rapid Building Approvals can assist you with regaining approval and guide you through to the final steps of the process.

    Experience the Rapid difference!

    Take the next step and contact our team by giving us a call at 1300 163 814, or completing the contact form on our contact us page. We’ll get back to you promptly with expert, award-winning advice and you’ll receive a free quote within 24 hours.  

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