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Do I need a Residential Building Approval?

Residential Building approvals for most structures are required if you live within a Cyclonic Region. For South East Queensland Areas, there are certain size exemptions however we encourage you to call our friendly team to discuss your future project.

What happens if I don’t get a Residential Building Approval before I build?

This is something we encounter a lot. At first the consequences may not be evident, however we notice a lot of the time when occupants wish to sell their property, a solicitors search on the property will show unapproved structures which in turn could result in the sale of a property collapsing. On top of that, no building approval means no one has ensured your project meets the relevant Australian Standards, to ensure the safety of your property. Local governments, if made aware of unlawful structures, may also issue enforcement notices and in some cases instruct you to demolish your structure.

How much does is cost?

It is difficult to give an estimate on building approval costs. Every property is unique, and as such may trigger additional council applications prior to us issuing a building approval. Each local government has a planning scheme that governs development in your area. At Rapid, we are always open to customers calling us and seeking as much information as they can for their property, so we can ensure our price given to you is the final price, with no hidden fees added on afterwards.

How long does it take to get a Residential Building Approval?

As our name states, we’re committed to Rapid Building Approvals and rapid turnaround time. We consistently issue building approval within 24 hours for our clients. Don’t believe us? Just look at our reviews! However, in order for us to do this, we do need to have all necessary paperwork provided to us. Our 24-hour turnaround is also based on the provisions that any preliminary approvals with council have been obtained. Rapid are also able to assist with any preliminary council approvals should your project require one.

When should I book a Residential Building Approval?

Generally, Rapid would be engaged right before you wish to start construction on your project. Typically, plans and engineering would be completed prior to engaging us, however, if you have general questions, or need some advice on what you can and cannot do, you can always engage our services earlier. We’re more than happy to assist you at any stage of your project.

Do I need to supply anything to the certifier?

Yes! Generally, we would ask that you supply Rapid with a Site Plan (just think of it as a mud-map of your property) and Engineered Plans of your proposed project. Any additional paperwork requirements, we will communicate clearly with you to ensure there is no delays for your project.

How do I know when my project has been approved?

Our staff e-mail your building approvals the moment our certifiers stamp your plans. You could almost say the “ink is still wet” when they land in your inbox.

What happens if my plans aren't approved?

Our certifiers complete detailed inspection reports for each inspection required for your project. If any of the mandatory inspections result in your plans being unable to be approved, we will communicate with all required parties to ensure your project achieves compliance. We will work closely with you to get your project approved.

Can Rapid Building Approvals help me get my Pre-Purchase Inspections?

Rapid Building Approvals does not offer pre-purchase inspections. We offer residential building certification services, faster and more affordably than our competition. So, give us a call once you’ve purchased your property and are looking to build something new, tear something down, or make changes to new purchase.

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