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Residential Building Approvals

As Queensland’s leading residential building approvals company, Rapid Building Approvals is committed to being the most responsive and efficient private certifier in the industry. We strive towards this vision by focusing on speed, customer experience, and integrity in all we do.

Our team is always eager to help you achieve your goals by making the process of getting your building approvals easy and stress-free. Contact us today for a free quote and you’ll have one waiting for you within a day! Accept the quote and you’ll have your building approval in 24 hours or less. Our building certifiers are driven and dedicated, with a focus on exceeding expectations throughout every step of the process – from initial contact through approval documentation!

We work with a lot of different clients. From mums and dads, owner/builders, and renovators, all the way through to high-volume project builders. Then, these clients keep coming back for our lightning-quick and friendly service.

For all your building certification needs, reach out to our team of experts at 1300 163 814 or fill out the form on our contact page here. We’re here 24/7 ready and willing help you make the right decisions for any project!

Rapid Building Approvals Experience the Difference

You want it approved quickly and professionally, by a team of passionate and experienced building certifiers. You want Rapid Building Approvals.

Deck Approval

Deck building approvals for new decks, deck renovations and deck extensions. Fast and efficient.

Pool Approval

Ensure you’re compliant with the latest rules and regulations surrounding swimming pools.

Carport Approval

Our experienced team of certifiers will get on site to get your new carport approved. Contact us today.

Shed Approval

It’s compulsory to get building approvals for any shed built in a cyclonic area. Rapid can help.

Patio Approval

Thinking of adding, expanding, or modifying a roofed patio at your place? Contact Rapid Approvals.

Re-Roof Approval

New roofs need a building approval, to ensure compliance with government regulations.

Extensions Approval

Rapid Building Approvals will get you the approval you need, to get your extensions underway, without delay.

New House Approval

Our fast, professional response and work will keep your site and project moving. We’ll handle the red tape.


Get your demolition building approval, before you get smashing. We’ll ensure you’re compliant and approved.


Ryan and the team at Rapid were super-fast getting my building approval back. I rang them in the morning and was able to start building my shed, the next day. Significantly cheaper than other certifiers in the area also. Highly recommend.

Joshua Collins

Super professional and quick. Every time I contacted Ryan, he was available and, his responses were quick and easy to understand. Made the process run smoothly, without any guessing.

Eleanor Gallagher

We used Ryan for the building approval for our new patio. He provided great customer service and we had the building approval super quick (next business day!), so we could get started with the build.

James McPeake

It's so nice to work with a local company who knows their stuff. Thanks again for the old school customer service Rapid Building Approvals.

Sarah Quinn

I made the switch to Rapid Building Approvals and Ryan Bird for our projects, last year. He has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. I have never experienced such prompt approval and have never looked back. I have had great feedback from clients about their services and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs certification or advice. 10/10

Lysa Thompson

We engaged Ryan for a patio extension. Very happy with the fast turnaround on the building approval and his extensive knowledge.

Heidi McPeake

My father rang 3 companies locally here in Townsville, to enquire about building a granny flat at his property. We have not yet engaged Rapid Building Approvals formally for our project, but Ryan spent over 20 minutes on the phone to my dad, explaining the process, costs and any potential difficulties that may arise. Other companies just asked us to send plans for us to quote and didn't seem very interested. I thought this alone was worth a review, as it's not very often great customer service like this is found.

Lisa Sutherland

If you want a one stop certification company with great knowledge and great service, then I recommend Rapid Building Approvals.

Robert P

We have used many certifiers over our 15 years in the industry, Ryan and Scott at Rapid Approvals stand out above the rest. They have excellent knowledge, are very reactive to any questions or concerns we might have and are always willing to go the extra mile! Highly recommend to anyone looking for hassle free quick certification, on any residential building project.

Luke Jager

Fantastic team to deal with. Extremely knowledgeable and super quick. The name says it all ... Rapid!

Lisa Sutherland

Rapid Building Approvals are a great team! Ryan is very knowledgeable and always has the answer. Highly recommend.

Rachel Hutchinson

My husband and I are in the design and building industry in Cairns. We highly value Ryan and the teams extensive expertise and most of all, they are reliable. We 100% recommend him and his team!

Liam Gilligan Builders

Great service with fast delivery. Highly knowledgeable team and easy to work with!

Harrison Teo

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team are experienced professionals, on hand to help with all of your residential building approvals.


Do I need a Residential Building Approval?

Residential Building approvals for most structures are required if you live within a Cyclonic Region. For South East Queensland Areas, there are certain size exemptions however we encourage you to call our friendly team to discuss your future project

What happens if I don’t get a Residential Building Approval?

This is something we encounter a lot. At first the consequences may not be evident, however we notice a lot of the time when occupants wish to sell their property, a solicitors search on the property will show unapproved structures which in turn could result in the sale of a property collapsing. On top of that, no building approval means no one has ensured your project meets the relevant Australian Standards, to ensure the safety of your property. Local governments, if made aware of unlawful structures, may also issue enforcement notices and in some cases instruct you to demolish your structure.

How much does a Residential Building Approval cost?

It is difficult to give an estimate on building approval costs. Every property is unique, and as such may trigger additional council applications prior to us issuing a building approval. Each local government has a planning scheme that governs development in your area. At Rapid, we are always open to customers calling us and seeking as much information as they can for their property, so we can ensure our price given to you is the final price, with no hidden fees added on afterwards.

Do you need an approval?

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